Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kermit Tesoro Holiday 2011

I could define Tesoro's creations by these lines I saw on The Count of Monte Cristo by George Bernard Shaw:

"a summit of art, Nobody could ever could or did, or will improve"

In this collection, he emphasized the "meat" on fashion. Maybe inspired of Lady Gaga's Meat Dress, it is still very awesome. Well, one of the meatiest collections I've seen. As far as I know, his collection was inspired by the Human anatomy and organs. Some looks like a cell, or a heart or maybe a simple group of muscles. In short, Blood, Body & organs. I love his collection so much.

I imagine myself one day wearing his collections when going to mall. HAHA! It would be awesome and funny. I just pray to God that he would have a collection for men. It would be awesome and I would surely buy them. No one can beat Kermit Tesoro. NO ONE.

"Hypertrophy Heels"

Shoes of the night. Forever winner. I love these. I just want shoes that when I wore it all of the eyes will be on me. :) I can't get a picture of his Cardio Pumps. I can't save it from his website. Just check it out on KermitTesoro.com

Pokwang appeared on Kermit's Fashion Show on Kermit Tesoro dress from his Holiday 2011 collection and Kermit's Heelless Shoes too.

Divine Lee also appeared on her Divine Tesoro dress and Heelless Extreme of Kermit too. Indeed, divine outfit.

It just came to my mind that my blog color is so Kermit Tesoro-ish. technically, it was inspired of his collection. Haha. I am really looking forward to see his next collection. I am very excited on his next line of shoes. Just check KermitTesoro.com for infos, his past collections, his shoes and it's prices. I know you'd have headache if you see them. :)

Photo Credits : All Photos : Kermit Tesoro's Facebook Account

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