Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedges With An Edge

Surfing the net thru Image Search never failed to give me fun, unless i am searching images that is related to my studies and the pictures does not agree with me. Haha. These days, I kept on drooling over avant-garde shoes that i think it's not advisable to be worn for work and different activities that takes several hours of your day. So I decided to post some shoes that is the counterpart of shoes i wanted these past few days. Not that i like them, but they have no super blast within them that made them just only simple and does not extend beyond the limits, alone.

The shoes im going to show will be Wedges. Many teenager's of our era loves these kind of shoes. Although I do not really like wedges so much, ill just do these for my blog to have sense. Haha. Anyways, I still love these shoes I will show. While searching for photos, I remembered my friend, Karol, who loved shoes so much. She loves shoes so much, especially those boots with a lot of straps and belts on it. She's Otaku, that's why. Haha. Anyways, these are the shoes i found on the majestic world of Yahoo! Image Search. Haha. Enjoy! :)

The line on the top is my title for this post for I think that not only those 4 shoes on top are the wedges with edge, but also the shoes below that i will show. Haha. True tho for me. I dont know if it works for you. Only my opinion. Just comment if you have anything to say. :)

Those Shoes with a lot of zipper one the right side are superb. I like all the shoes in this picture. Basically, because they are ankle shoes, one of my favorite kind of shoes. Haha. :))

All of these are definition of Love. Haha. Anyways, I love all of them. I was just a little bit intrigued on the shoes on the middle of the last row. It is only like flats with attached platform on it. Haha. :)

These shoes is really my pick. I love the colors and i think it is just simply perfect! Anyways, I just cant imagine wearing them. It has so high heels. Still, I like them. :))

This Shoes, really got my attention. It is so cute! The straps were awesomely done and that made it really perfect. I think it's from Forever 21? Im not sure. I hope they have this in Philippines. Not really interested buying it. I have list of shoes to buy pa eh. Haha :)

Rhinestone Wedges. These shoes are simply glittery, but painful to wear. Haha. It was Katy Perry's Shoes on Nick's Kid's Choice Awards. I love them. :)

This is so military like. But, I love it so much. It's really beautiful. Must Have. :))

Now, let's go wild. Let's go animalistic. Haha. I love the animal prints but the shoe structure never failed me to impress me. I love them so much. Really worth it to buy. MUST HAVE. But I have to prioritize some shoes first, like i always say. Haha. :))

So Strappy. I love it. I love how simple they are.

Girly have taken it's new edge already. I love it. I'm sure that girls will really love these shoes. But much perfect if it will be on Violet & Neutral colors. And, I would like it more if it would be on other material like Suede. Still, I love it. MUST HAVE. You know what I will say now. Haha. :)

I really picked this for Ate Karol, I hope you really like this. Exaggerated number of straps, belts, and other stuffs. Hahaha. :)

Lets get country now. I love this shoes. I love it's style and pattern. I love the rosy design so much. It really gives me a country yet simple sense within the depths of my body. I'm sure that teen girls out there will really love this shoes so much. Haha. :)

This shoes is simple but there is a force in me that makes me love this shoes! Im not forced with my feelings on it, but I simply love it. Hayy, so complicated words gets out of my mind again. Haha. Anyways, I really like it. The design was not superb but i love how simple it is, that's the reason why i love it, i think... WANT. I want to have them, it will fit on many outfits. But, as again, it will not be on my list. I have to prioritize some shoes I really want. Those the ones like there's no tomorrow. Haha :)

What can you say, Ate Karol?! She says, "I will cut your head off of you dont give me those SHOES. Get them for me, NOW!!!" as she shouts to her warriors. Haha. Love yow, Ate Karol! I made this blog post for you. :*

Anyways, I love those shoes I posted, it's just that it's not their time to be sold to my beautiful hands. PLUS, I don't still have enough money to buy those wedges. Wedges are work of art, they define love for some people, they are beautiful, lovely & fabulous, wear them proud & loud.

Shoe Lover,
Gian :)

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