Monday, June 6, 2011


Speaking of happenings of my i-dunno-how-to-describe-it life, I would just like to share how it went regarding those things related to my school bizz. First, my hair. As you know, the schools here in Philippines have certain rules about haircut especially for the boys. For our busy school, USTHS, the boys should have their 2x3 haircut. You don't want that? You will have a price. "Fun" trip at Asst. Principal's office, PLUS! you will have a free saliva right in your face fresh from the mouth and sermon of the said person. Haha. Anyways, I'm not against it, nor agree with it, just going with the flow of it. I just don't want end up having a negative feeling when i will be sent to Admin's Office. Anyways, I had my 2x3 haircut yesterday. It was ok. I like my haircut. It was clean and sermon free. Although it was not as beautiful as I want, it was ok tho. Second, tomorrow will be our first day! OH MY. I am excited, minus my haircut [because some people might not like it and have a say on their mind that i'm ugly, although im confident, not much.]. And I enjoyed the last hours of my happiness, through relaxing, eating. watching TV & other stuffs. Then, my brother said that our first day will be moved to June 9. I thought this will already be my last blog that would really be long that is just full of my thoughts. Relieved. I will enjoy more days of blogging. The reason behind it was the CR was not yet ready for students. FTW right? Haha. It's OK. I am just thinking how will I spend these days again happily and fun. Haha. Third, the new principal. I asked my brother why it changed, he said that Maam T'* will teach on the college already. The new principal was the principal of EHS then. Just make sure that you could prove to us that you are a good and proffessional principal. Impress me just like Maam T* did. Just make sure... Haha. I'm like super villain na. Haha. Just some thoughts. Sorry if there are mistakes on grammar, I'm just not on the mood. Haha. :)

FALSE ALARM. It's not yet school time. Going to say this again at 9. Haha. :)

Gian :)

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