Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hunger for Shoes

and food. :)

Okay, I will do this post as fast as i can. I am really hungry now. Haha. I saw this picture when I started to search for wedges in the internet. I did not post it in that entry because it is not wedges. Haha. Anyways, I want to have them all. I like and love them all, they are very beautiful and amazing. If i have them all, I am ready to die then. Haha! I love the colors, how daring the shoes are, and how fashionable they are. I just, like them so much! In overall, these shoes are perfect. Must have. But it is not in my list, I have to prioritize some shoes first that I really want, as I always say. :))

What can you say? Much better if they would have more bright colors because color blocking is in. I lurve it. :)

I will eat now. I am really starving. Haha. :)

Gian :)

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