Friday, June 3, 2011

Soule in my Soul

Doing Facebook alone, is boring. Without games it is really boring. You will end up usually your Facebook time after you have already responded to your notifications. I can't stand doing business like that only. I don't want it to be boring. So why not visit online shops? Haha. Actually, that became my everyday activity. I like drooling over avant-garde shoes but it leaves me a sense of agonizing feeling. A desperate feeling. But, i look always on positive side that i will have them too, i just needed to work hard for it. Anyways, these are some of the shoes I love. I love, especially the Soule Phenomenon Brand. I mean, they are not on my list where i would buy shoes, but I want to buy their shoes. It would really be worth it if you buys their shoes. They have reasonable prices too. Their shoes are already in my soul. Haha. Here it goes. :)

Finsk - Got it somewhere =.=

Soule Phenomenon's PLUM II collection - Soule Phenomenon FB

My Personal pick is the first one, the Andre Booties. And the second one i love is the Sweet Candy Love, the last one. Actually, i dont like the one on the middle. No offense. Haha. :)

Soule Phenomenon's InKarlcerating - Soule Phenomenon FB

Soule Phenomenon's Lynka Black from PLUM collection - Soule Phenomenon FB

Soule Phenomenon's Lynka Grey from PLUM collection - Soule Phenomenon PB

Soule Phenomenon's Latoya Red from PLUM Collection - Soule Phenomenon FB

Soule Phenomenon's Latoya Black of PLUM collection - Soule Phenomenon FB

Soule Phenomenon's Death By Platforms Shoes - Soule Phenomenon FB

That's it guys. I just love Soule Phenomenon's Shoes! I will buy to them if i have already completed my list of what-to-buy shoes this school year. Haha. :)

Soule in his Soul,
Gian :)))

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