Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm a little bit dizzy right now because of playing the fun for life game called "Sushi Go Round" . I don't know why, but I think i was too focus on making those effin' sushi's in that game and ending up with loosing in that game. Anyways, these days, I always browse some pictures of shoes. With straps, belts or zippers, with heels or not, flats or even just simple flip flops, I want to have them. It was so fun seeing shoes, especially those ones that you are dreaming of. I can have them soon, it's just that i have shoes that i prioritize to buy. Haha. Anyways, i love these platform shoes. Although there is yellow lines, which i don't like because i want my shoes to be on neutral colors only so that it would fit any outfits, i still love them. They were BORN THAT WAY. Platforms are PLATFORMS. Haha! So Gaga-ish lines.

I wish i could visit some shops in these last days of my fabulous summer, atleast it made those days very worthwhile. But my parents wont let me. It's because I'm too young to go out like a 16 year-old guy already. I just want to have fun, it's because i will be very busy again for the next 10 months of my life and i will have no time for my stuffs.

Soon to be a Hardworking Student again,
Gian :)

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