Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skinny & Bulimic

I just remembered what happened to me a few days ago. So here it goes.

One afternoon, after i finished blogging about those Heelless shoes, I ate my snacks, like SUPER SNACKS, it's because i got my stomach so bloated. After a few hours, we are going to take already our dinner. Our viand was so delicious. I ate a lot like there's no tomorrow. People who love foods, I know you understand me. Haha. Then, while we were watching The Biggest Loser, I got hungry again. I ate random foods while drinking softdrinks. Before i sleep, i felt like "uh, i think im going to blow out" . THIS WHERE THE GROSS STARTS. My mouth already starts to be filled with saliva, but i really cant vomit. And I really forced my mouth to vomit, it's because im not comfortable in that feeling. I think im bulimic, that's why I dont want to eat anymore like there's no tomorrow , because i dont want to vomit like hell and i dont want to end up hurting my dear throat.

Now, to the skinny side. While we were watching The Biggest Loser my sister said that she really wants to kill those people with very fast metabolism [dont worry, I dont have a killer sister, she's sarcastic. haha]. Then my brother reacted, he said "like him, oh! So annoying!" as he points his finger to me. I mean, is that my fault? Haha. Thats not really my point. This is my point.

It came to my mind a few hours ago. While Im bathing, when i saw my body on the mirror, I said to myself "Im so Skinny, plus, Im bulimic. WTH?! What would happen to me now!" Haha. Just imagining that my ribs can already be seen because I would be so skinny by being in this place. Haha. Still, I am a food lover, and i ate a lot. I have fast metabolism. And that will maintain my weight . I just wish that I would not be bulimic and i would not forcing my self to vomit during class hours. Haha.

Skinny & Bulimic,
Gian :)

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