Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monster Shoes Keeps On Eating My BRAIN!

Oh My. Ushi Sato, the great Dubai-based designer, just said that he is reading my blog!!!! Oh My gosh, happiest moment of my life! Speaking of Ushi, I said on my last blog that I will blog Ushi's shoes, so here it goes.

Speaking of, Ushi Sato, is a Filipino Dubai-based designer, he is a very good fashion designer, as i see on his works, clothes, shoes and on the way he writes on his site. He is very professional, plus, he is so kind-hearted. I was able to have a chat with him today. It was a very worthwhile experience. He is really kind-hearted. What can you say more? I love him so much. :)

At first sighting of this shoes on FeedMink , OH MY. I just love them so much. I appreciate it already like hell. I thought that it is not comfortable and yet you will fall while wearing them. I mean, first impressions might be tough. I just kept on reading about it and i really analyzed the shoes' structure. It was comfortable dao pala. So now, I want them more!! HAHA! *evil laugh* Said by FeedMink. :)

Guess what now, I want them BADLY. I mean, I may already die if i have those Avant-Garde shoes already. When I ask if he are selling those shoes, he said that it is still on its planning/cost/production stage. He also said to me that he will sell them when he have found already a cheap manufacturer here in Philippines so the price will be very reasonable for Filipino peeps. It is because in Dubai, as he said, the production and etc is a bit pricey. He already wanted them to be produced, but some reasons are still blocking his way.

He also said that it will be on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week by May 2012. And by that time his shoes will already be on sale. So who is eager to pull the days of the year now? Haha.

He also said that this shoe would be made of plastic. But sadly, it would not be your everyday working shoes. "Its a couture piece, an artwork that you can hang on your wall together with your amorsolo" that's what he joked when he is talking about those not-your-everyday style shoes.

When I asked too if he can still give some dummy or sample of those Tango Shoes, he said that he was already prohibited. Why? It is because some people, especially in this industry, might know his secrets.

"Dont worry,of course I want my Littel Moster to have the best monster ever..." as he said when I forced him to give me a pair of those shoes...even just a dummy. "So when the time comes you'll meet personally the monsters meron ka pambili! hahahaha" as he keeps on teasing me. I hate you. I'm hurt already! Haha. Joke. :)

He also said that he will also make some outfits that will fit his monster shoes. TMI. Privacy, so that people in the industry would not know much of his secrets. :)

"wag ka mag-alala, your on the list for my monster babies" Kinilig ako. Bat nga ba ako kinilig, eh sapatos to hindi love! I feel now that I am so SPECIAL. Haha. :">

PLUS, he said that he will pick a design for me. Now, I feel so VERY SPECIAL. Who wouldn't be touched if a big person in this industry would said this to you. :"> Tip. I love the color yellow. But i want neutral colors so it would fit more outfits. Unless you want to give me a rainbow of those shoes. Haha. :)

He also wants that his little monsters [that's what i think he calls his fans. haha. :D] would have a monster look on his Fashion Show. And when i ask if he could assure me a seat in his fashion show, he said, YES! Haha. He want all his monsters to be on his show. Sure thing! :)))

"Dpat May 2012 para bongga daw sabay sa gunaw ng earth. Hahaha!" I just imagine the models already walking with those monster shoes then the Earth starts to tremble. They are indeed monster shoes. :)

"I hope really I will get it before Christmas." i said. He replied "Pray. Hehehe" Those are his last words. And he go offline. :) I will really pray that it will be produced as soon as it & Ushi can.

Monster Shoes of Ushi Sato. This is how i define it. Monster of Attention. Monster of Fashion. Monster of Perfection.

PS. Just so you know, your shoes are my Desktop Wallpaper. I really want them! Even just a sample or a dummy! PLEASE USHI. This is my only wish. I will still buy the real shoes even though you will give me a dummy. Bongga right? Dalawa shoes ko! Malulunod ako nun! :)))

PS #2. Alam mo bang hindi ako makatulog kagabi dahil sa sobrang ganda ng sapatos mo. Pahingi na po kasing Sample/Dummy. PLEASE :'(

Thanks, Mr Ushi for the time. You are a sweet person. بارك الله فيكم

I cant wait for May 2012 Mr. Ushi! Just make sure that I would really have my ticket for your show. Just make sure.... :))))

Love lots,
Gian :">


  1. This is so funny and touching...
    Thank you Gian for appreciating my work of art...
    Don't worry...soon you'll get what you wish for!
    Thank you 'Lil Monsteret!

  2. Haha. I made it really funny talaga because you are funny. Just give some dummy of your shoes! PLEASE USHI. PLEASE. I will appreciate your work of art till i die. No one will break it.


    your biggest fan,
    Gian :)

  3. I will really wait for your monster shoes. I wish it will be released as soon as before Christmas.PLEASE, release it before Christmas. I cant really wait! Haha. :) I lurve you so much.

    waiting for your shoes,
    Gian :D