Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NO WAY. :)

Good Afternoon People. It's so hot here in the Philippines like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, I just dropped by Ushi Sato's profile on Facebook to see his Fashion Related Photos and some of his shoes. I was interested because he send some sample of his shoes to Feed Mink & it was very beautiful. Ill just post some of those later. Meanwhile, I saw these pants on his Profile.

This is what I can only say. NO WAY im going to wear those! Haha. They are way too weird and exquisite. Not that I hate it and its ugly, but I would not like to wear those. Haha. :)))

Especially that SHOE/PANTS. They are way too weird and i cant imagine how would i wear those! I would like take a year to fix it's strings and fit it. Haha. :)

It's so Gaga-ish. Haha. The paddings were so big and I cant imagine myself wearing those on a event and people would bump their legs on them because they are way too big. i would like to wear them if it would be as a costume on a costume party of if I would dance like Gaga. Haha. :)

THOUGHTS ONLY. No one should get hurt or get angry. Haha.
Comment Below. :)

Gian :))


  1. Thank you Gian, but that pant-shoes is soooo one of a kind...and you'll never see it anywhere's from Essey Miyake for Converse tho...
    and the other pants is my design for an Italian Exhibition for next year...


    lurving your blog.


  2. @ Ushi : Thanks!!! I lurve your site more! Such fun to read. HAHA! I like the pants but i do not like to wear it. Plus, the other pants, i like it more. Good Luck with your Italian Exhibit! May i come? Haha. :)

    Thanks for the Comment! :)