Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defying Gravity

Civilization. That's what brought us to have SHOES.

Shoes - an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.

Thinking, .Imagination, Wanting and Daring. Things that brought us to have different k
inds, designs and forms of shoes. Starting on just simple covering of our feet, then into the heels, to the high heels and platforms and ending up with the avant-garde heelless shoes. It is the part of modernization, inventing new things and producing it. Although sometimes it has bad effects, we really can't stop this. It already feeds the hunger of perfection and easiness of life for some people, since Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit.

Noritaka Tatehana
was born in Japan,1985. Started his own creation when he was 15, including shoes and garments, all self-educated. Majored art in university. "Today remarks only today, I'd like to focus my intention on this present, to create things that this very moment brings up to me." There's no such perfect word to definite Tatehana's shoes. With the stream of transient times, he holds until his last minute, to cast the idea that is unexplainable into shape, when he comes at his certain point, the one and only best creation starts breathing courtly. Noritaka Tatehana shoes will open up your door to the new dimensional, seductively leads you to step forward to the unknown frontier. All in your hands, will rest the final whole new beginning of your way.


Noritaka Tatehana, the one who made Lady Gaga's customized 9-inch heelless shoes that made heelless shoes shine it's popularity. The maker of the shoes that is adorned now in the eccentric world of fashion. A very good fashion designer and made another dimension in the world of fashion.

Heelless Shoes. Many thought that it is impossible. Many people thinks that it is possible, through balancing yourself while wearing it. Well, some people extremely believe that those are really possible and yet very comfortable just like wearing a normal stiletto [don't do this if your heelless start
ed cracking up!] I, do believe that it is comfortable but when a lot of hours pass by, your precious feet might hurt already [im not sure, i haven't wear heelless yet. people who have heelless, what do you think of this? comment some :D]

Basically, there are different designs of heelless shoes. Here are some. :)

-Noritaka Tatehana's site

-Brian Evalle

This is my pick since this is the only one i can afford. It is very beautiful and i love it. This shoes is the reason i will make IPON for 3 months. Haha. :)
-Karl Leuterio - inkarlcerating

-Kermit Tesosro - feedmink


This is my favorite one. I want to own a Heelless Shoes form Kermit Tesoro. He is the one who made the light of popularity of Heelless Shoes here in the Philippines. Since he is not producing it anymore, i can't do nothing but own Heelless Shoes form other designers. Plus, it's way too expensive.

In this picture, you can see the back of the Heelless shoes. That wood is the support of your heels. That wood also, made easy for you to walk. Some uses metal. If you can hear the creeking sound of that wood, be careful of your heelless now. :)))


Extraterrestrial Shoes. That's how i define this pair of Heelless Shoes. I love it. so much. It is really beautiful. To read more about this and other Heelless Shoes that i mentioned above, visit Feedmink blog. It's in my gadgets on the right :)

- T2 Shoes of Ushi Sato - feedmink

What can you say Gaga? Oh, may i ask another question? How did you land in those shoes? Have you experienced your "Ankle Breaking" ? Haha. :)

Who cant resist these shoes, Fashion People? What can you say? :)

I will own one of this in a little months. Im excited. :)))

Gian :)

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