Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There's Nothing Wrong With Loving Who You Are

"I must be myself, respect my youth"

Those words. It cant do them properly. People kept on talking and talkin. Making other people's life harder and more unpredictable. I can't survive this earth being not myself fully, without skepticism. I'd rather die a thousand times than being locked in this way. I hate people that always give their strong emotions on me. They think that it will have a good effect in any ways. I just want to be who i am and people to love me the way i am, not loving me because it is their responsibility and obligations. Whoever that man is who invented the word nonacceptance and put them inside the dictionary of each person, get ready to run in circles. But still, i have to live a life and love myself. That's the key, i still have friends who is still there loving the Gian they have known even just a little time. I love you guys, and i will never remove your name in my definition of Love.

Life must go on. It's not yet the time. I will be this way. Nothing will stop me. Only fools let them selves be fooled.

Gian :)

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