Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gold Dot is Perfect

Shoes. That's it. Reason I would be be more slim this School Year. Besides of the fact that high school life will be more hard since i am sophomore now. By the Way, ang sarap pagnasaan ng mga products ng Gold Dot. MMMMMMMMMMMM! Haha. It's way too beautiful and perfect. What can i say more?

These shoes are the Carrie Boots made by the outstanding Gold Dot. It's very perfect like hell! I like it so much. It's worth dying for. But of course, i will make ipon for my heelless first. :)

"Anu yan?, ang weird"

That's what my mom said when we chatted a little minutes age. She still have not ride the fashion coaster yet, that's why. But this is so beautiful. It reminds me of zebra when i see this shoes. It is because of the pattern and its color. I love the where the zipper is. The price is reasonable. I hope i will get this soon. :))

I love Gold Dot so much. Their shoes are awesome. I love it. I will get them after i get my heelless shoes, if it is still available. :)

*Late post since i started blogging today lang :)

Gian :)

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