Monday, May 30, 2011


"What's this place? What's this? Can anyone help me?"

I'm not really new in this world. When I was still tween, [basically, i define it as my 9 - 12 years old of my effin' life] I used to blog things that really doesn't makes sense. Things that are childish and blog is like my electronic toy during those times. I blogged because my classmates blog too. You know, you should do things that the people will think that you are really cool and make a lot of friends. It is really hard. But now, I start to blog to express my feelings and burst out the anger within the veins of my heart. Also, I like to get attention. :))))))))))))))

Not that I am "EPAL" like Rachel of GLEE. It's just [i think] that I have a different feeling when people lend attention on me. But of course, i should act really good and professional in my blogs [unless i'm really angry, like hell] i just want to shout into our hectic world about my feelings and perspective through this blog.

Also, I want to share things i know.

I also blog so that people will appreciate me. Through blog, i also have appreciated other people.

I'm a fashion enthusiast. So this blog will not just be filled of my emotions but also about what i think, perspectives, want and new in the progressive world of fashion. :)

Later again. :)

Gian :)

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