Monday, June 13, 2011

Long Lines are Hell.

I have nothing to blog about fashion these days. Let's start this with school. So today, we had our school re-orientation about the rules & regulations. During those times, I felt a little sleepy. Aircons are on full blast, perfect place to sleep on. Haha. Anyways, the boys of our class was so funny. There is no time that you will not laugh, unless everyone is very serious, even the teacher. Haha. So many laughs this day. This day, we also had our Holy Spirit Mass that sucks. Actually, the mass was ok. I participated the mass seriously. It sucked because of the announcements & stuffs about teachers chuva made afterward the fun mass. Anyways, Jasper, the one on the front of my seat is so funny, & fun to be with too. Haha. I don't know, he just kept on approaching me, of course i respond too, it wouldn't be nice if i didn't did that. Haha. He looks fun naman. He is just playful & naughty. Haha. Anyways, I have completed all my requirements already. :)

*Oops, my dad asked to sleep now. Haha. :)*

3 weeks!!!!

I planned to finish this blog post this week and because of different interruptions of my obstinate studies. I am like "ASDFJKL! Algebra!" Technically, I enjoyed algebra since the firsts days until now. Am I still Gian? I used to hate Math. Then this. What the hell is my problem? HAHA. Anyways, I am glad for my self for I am enjoying Algebra now. So opposite of last year.

Many things happened already these last weeks. The one i remembered is the time I was with Klein. It was so fun. Basically, he did something wrong. Watch out for my next blog. And yea. We had an evacuation drill. It was fun tho. But the strong hit of sun is a no-no. So basically, we had our mass yesterday. Lot more better than the last time for we able to get some seats. And oh, i forgot, here's a pic of Jasper. Thanks again for accompanying me in the Health Service and teaching me how to lie to the doctor. :)

Basically, I picked the cutest of his photos. For he might get angry for he will say " Lalagay mo na lang photo ko sa blog mo, yung pangit pa." [
You just Lalagay my photo blog, I still ugly] Blame Google Translator, so cheap. :)

Jasper, don't bitch slap me again. Or you'll die. :)

Going to eat now. Blog later about Philippine's Alexander Mcqueen, Kermit Tesoro. And do algebra.

PS: For peeps asking me about the title, it's because of the day I started this entry, I like waited 2 hours in the line at Bookstore to buy Feedmink a Preview magazine as a gift. Know how I worked for it, Feed. :) VERY CHAOTIC.

Obssesed with Algebra,
Gian +

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