Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"Red Secosana Bag" - Mira Ablola
"Melancholy Violet Secosana Bag" - Mira Ablola

Well, these past few days were a little bit stressful but fun. I am glad that the classes were suspended until tomorrow. And I guess, i now have time to blog about things. I don't remember when was it but we decorated our hideous bulletin board and by that time, i was fascinated by my Bestfiriend's bag. [the red one]. It was funny that she have two pieces of those, the other one was melancholy violet. I don't know but she does really want to lend me the red one, but when it come to the other one, it's a big no-no. I think it's because she loved color violet so much? It's her fave color. Any Freaking ways, it was from Secosana [claudine barreto thing? IDK what she's saying] I remembered again my mom who loves bags so much, but still I insist to give her shoes. Maybe I want to give her my sense of fashion and I expect her to like it and watch fashion shows with me? =) But as much as I want, my life should be perfect. And I want to die as gross as Nina of Black Swan.

"It was perfect."

Photo Credits : 1st photo : Jem Naoe
2nd Photo : Cristel Goyagoy
3rd: Black Swan best scene edited by federico fabbro

Bags : Mira Ablola [thanks my bestfriend]

PS: For mira, may i borrow sometimes your bags? I know you would let me. For you are my true Bestfriend. I love youuuu!! :)

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