Sunday, August 28, 2011


Who says that white is already out of fashion's league? We might get confused about the time when Para Shift out this collection, the time was color blocking was really in. But still, many people loved it. Many people got attracted to it, even it is just plain white. In this collection, they added some accessories. New in Para Shifts. Still, their clothes are androgynous. They are still in to their vision for their clothes, for it to be unisex, fits to anyone. I love the shredded type of dresses and other more. I always dream of wearing them whenever i would go to malls or parties. The long tailed tees are very aesthetic-filled. It was perfectly made. Those harem pants they made are really good. It's like sex in your second skin, whenever you wear them. Haha. I will always love Paradigm Shift's clothes. But still, my favorite collection of theirs was the Blue Flight collection. I love the cover up there. I wish to wear them to protect me from the spine tingling coldness of our classroom. Again, kudos to Paradigm Shift, especially to my favorite Fashion blogger and this brand's designer Karl Leuterio and his co-designer, Mike Magallanes.

Shop Here : Paradigm Shift's Site
Photo Courtesy : Karl Leuterio [Facebook]

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