Saturday, September 24, 2011

I live my life and dress myself in the ideals of gender agnosticism.

^ That line, I have read it in Brian Evalle's lookbook. I liked it so much. And oh, just to share, I am near to my heelless shoes! I am so excited, especially my friends, they seemed to want to wear those first. Haha. Brian Evalle is not replying on Chat. Too Bad. Anyways, thanks to my mom who helped me in this! You are the best thing I ever had. ;) Gonna blog later. Imma eat for a while. But, I will leave a question?

Which cloth should appear in my heelless?
a. Fur-like cloth
b. Hotness Black leather?

"Heavy Metal Lover" -Brian Evalle

This look reminded me of what cloth should be used on my Heelless babies. And oh, that's Brian Evalle too. Hot & Sexy.... :p~ Haha. What can you say?

I think I would like it in letter A. But there would be questions walking on my mind in that. Whatcha think? :)

Credits : Photo 1 (here)

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